The Blackledge group is a Native Hawaiian Organization (NHO) Certified 8(a) Small Disadvantaged Business consisting of a group of seasoned business professionals that value the importance of being principle-oriented problem solvers. Averaging over 30 years of real world technical and project management experience, we understand the meaning of client service. We bring leadership, passion, and drive to each project.

A Little About Us…

The Blackledge Group stands ready to assist with any and all of your environmental compliance needs, construction projects, facility sustainment, restoration, maintenance (SRM) needs, and technology professional services.  We are passionate about helping you, your project, and the overall mission to meet objectives and achieve success.  Being professionals and entrepreneurs in the environmental, construction and technology fields, we understand the challenges that must be overcome to achieve that success.

Our Mission

We know that active listening and proactive communication is imperative to our shared success and feel that serving others and sharing knowledge is our ultimate mission.  We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and your organization.

Firm History

The Blackledge Group, was organized in 2013 to provide highly specialized consulting services along four primary tracks: environmental compliance, construction, technology, and business planning. Our founders held a core belief, after spending over 30 years building successful businesses and working in the private and federal markets, that these tracks are critical to every client that we serve. Over the past nine years, our focus has narrowed to three core competencies, environmental compliance, construction, and technology professional services.  We have maintained and built strong relationships with clients by communicating continually and executing what we say we are going to do with excellence.  The Blackledge Group has a proven history of assisting with understanding the clients needs and aligning planning, compliance, and sustainability in order to meet those needs. 

As The Blackledge Group enters it’s tenth year, we look forward to continued growth and opportunities with the clients we have developed relationship with and building new relationships to continue to serve the markets and industries we serve.

Mission Statement

The Blackledge Group is committed to serving each client and the communities we live and work in by focusing on the interconnectivity of business, the environment and sustainability. Our commitment is embraced by our diverse team of highly trained, career-oriented professionals.

Guiding Principles and Core Values

The Blackledge Group was founded on the belief that knowledge management is the key to success. Our goal when forming the company was to create a “knowledge management” firm by assembling experienced, talented and visionary leaders that bring a proven track record in each of our core lines of business.

Our corporate core values are based on four guiding principles: Integrity, Commitment, Service, and Quality

  • Integrity by up-holding our clients’ interest as paramount; providing honest answers and practical solutions; holding ourselves to a higher standard; and conducting business by the “Golden Rule”
  • Commitment to maintaining project schedule and budget, producing cost effect solutions, utilizing leading edge technology, and maintaining proactive and open communication with clients and project stakeholders
  • Service by adopting a holistic approach to the interactions of business and the environment
  • Quality through creating new standards of excellence, utilizing standard operating procedures for quality assurance, providing strong in-house project management and cost controls, and creating innovative win-win partnering relationships.

Our Clients and Industries Served

The Blackledge Group is an environmental services, facility sustainment and construction company headquartered in Florida specializing in business planning, environmental risk management, regulatory compliance, and SRM construction services for private and public sector clients. Our principals have been providing expertise in business growth and exit strategy planning, and environmental and regulatory compliance since 1992. The industries they have served include banks, law firms, Fortune 500 companies, engineering firms, municipalities, school boards, electric authorities, transportation and port authorities, airport authorities, state departments of transportations and environmental protection agencies. At the federal level their clients have included the Navy, Army Corps of Engineers, Air Force, Florida National Guard, National Park Service, Environmental Protection Agency, US Forest Service, Federal Aviation Administration, and GSA.

Management Description

The Blackledge Group is organized to deliver best-in-class service to our clients. Authority for customer-centric decision-making is approached through the philosophy of “boundarylessness”, achieving success by placing emphasis on the team instead of the individual. The company’s organizational structure is relatively flat allowing work and creativity to flow seamlessly without creating organizational and management boundaries. When all members of the team are empowered, good things happen in the organization which flows through to our communities and the clients we serve. This organizational structure allows The Blackledge Group to be flexible and immediately respond to each client’s needs as well as reduce unnecessary bureaucracy and overhead costs.

Our core lines of business are further broken down into construction services for both design build and design-bid-build projects, including demolition, civil construction, renovation work, new building construction, new and retrofit of mechanical, plumbing, electrical, life safety systems, and facility maintenance. Our environmental compliance services include due diligence services, hazardous waste compliance, stormwater compliance, indoor air quality and industrial hygiene services, asbestos and lead-based paint services, mold assessments, and storage tank compliance and management. Our sustainability practice includes renewable energy development, resiliency reviews, energy and water efficiency audits, stormwater management, green infrastructure, waste and recycling programs, brownfields redevelopment, and green remediation.

Health and Safety

At The Blackledge Group, safety and health is a core value. Working safely is a steadfast commitment at all levels of the company to make sure every team member is healthy and returns home safe each and every day to their family and friends.

Health and Safety Culture

According to OSHA, “Health and Safety cultures consist of shared beliefs, practices, and attitudes that exist at an establishment. Culture is the atmosphere created by those beliefs, attitudes, etc., which shape our behavior.” At The Blackledge Group, we strive to create a safety culture with shared beliefs, practices and attitudes throughout our organization. Clear communication of goals, objectives and processes increases awareness of safety topics and transfers knowledge to empower staff to proactively address safety issues and avoid injuries and accidents.


 Our Culture Works – Our Numbers Prove It

Safety Management

In order to better serve our clients and to keep our team members healthy and safe, The Blackledge Group has established a safety initiative program to reward positive safety behaviors and promote healthy lifestyles. Our safety initiative program includes motivational tools to inspire our team’s commitment to continued health and safety performance.

Motivation tools created as part of our safety initiative program include:

  • Ongoing safety training and safety coaching
  • Safety spot bonuses
  • Safety award recognitions
  • Dedicated Safety Professionals to oversee our Personalized Protective Equipment (PPE) Program
  • Field PPE kits are provided to all employees
  • Medical Surveillance Program to protect employees potentially exposed to hazardous materials on the job
  • Paid gym memberships, spinning and boot camp classes
  • Paid nutritional consultation
  • 50% reimbursement for races of any kind

Over the past seven years, our Total Recordable Injury Rate (TRIR, a key lagging indicator) and our Experience Modification Rating (EMR , the number used by insurers to gauge the past cost of injuries and future chances of risk) have both remained at 0.00 and 1.0, respectively. We are proud of our Safety Culture and of our Zero Accident Record.

Our continuing safety journey is also supported by strong information technology tools, which help us monitor and measure activities in order to make the right decisions to ensure safety.


Giving back to the communities where we live and work is a core commitment of The Blackledge Group.  Whether it’s through charitable giving – both from our knowledge professionals and our corporate dollars – or the numerous hours volunteered, The Blackledge Group is making a difference. We engage in volunteerism for a great variety of reasons which include but are not limited to: improving basic health and education, supporting local, state and federal nonprofits, supporting various STEM initiatives and to encourage participation of women and minorities in the STEM programs, and tackling local environmental justice issues.

Diversity, Inclusion & Collaboration

At the Blackledge Group, we are dedicated to creating a workplace environment that values diversity, inclusion and collaboration. Our culture reflects our knowledge professionals’ diverse life experiences, educational backgrounds, geographic origins, socioeconomic statuses, communication styles and every other individual aspect that makes our people unique.

Our Knowledge Professionals

We consider ourselves blessed to have some of the brightest and most creative professionals call The Blackledge Group home. Our employees – called “Knowledge Professionals” for the knowledge they possess in the industries we serve, are the cornerstone of our company’s core beliefs and commitment to each client we serve. We are committed to bringing solutions that better each client we serve, improve the communities we live in, and protect the environmental quality of the world we will leave behind for future generations.


We’re always looking for talented professionals wanting a career with a top-shelf construction, environmental, and professional services firm. Someone who can bring new levels of creativity and exceed our clients expectations.