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The capacity to withstand or recover quickly from difficulty and adversity is more important now more than ever.  As the impacts of climate change become more prevalent, all businesses must assess and manage their risk caused by flooding, storms, fires, sea level rise, etc.  At The Blackledge Group we make it our business to know yours and to assist with the development of resiliency management programs that protect your business, its’ assets, and those of the surrounding community.

Energy and Water Efficiency

Keeping energy and water consumption to a minimum is not only good for the environment, it is good business. Water and energy are highly intertwined in their production and ultimately their use. Baselining and establishing usage reduction goals are the first step to developing an energy and water conservation program.

There are numerous methods and processes available to reach these goals, but they must be properly vetted, be industry and site specific, and ultimately provide an acceptable return on investment. The Blackledge Group understands these challenges and offers the full range of auditing, assessment, and implementation services.

Stormwater Management and Green Infrastructure

The management of stormwater in an urban, commercial, or industrial setting has its’ unique challenges and opportunities. The Blackledge Group assists our clients mitigate stormwater pollution in unique and cost-effective ways.

This includes the use of natural features such as tree trenches and creek beds as functional yet aesthetic features, the construction of bioswales utilizing bio-engineered soil and native plants, and storm water harvesting for reuse.

We have the expertise to design, permit, construct, monitor, and maintain stormwater management system for all types of public or private sector projects alike.

Waste Audits and Recycling Programs

In a world of ever-changing environmental regulations The Blackledge Group experts deliver best in class services to address our client’s waste and hazardous materials regulatory compliance needs.

Having work in the federal RCRA and various waste management programs since their inceptions we understand what is and isn’t required, and as such can provide the full range of waste and hazardous materials management and recycling program services.

Brownfields Redevelopment

The principals of The Blackledge Group have been involved with Brownfields redevelopment programs at the federal, state, and local levels since their inception in the mid 1990’s. They were founding members of the Florida Brownfields Association and have performed Brownfields related projects through the Southeastern U.S.

The Blackledge Group is passionate about the revitalization and reuse of contaminated properties located urban, suburban, and rural settings. We have decades of experience conducting due diligence investigations, site assessments, designing and implementing risk based corrective actions and obtaining regulatory closure.

Green Remediation

While the objective of most remedial actions is to reduce the risk associated with environmental contamination, not all remedial technologies are created equal. Green remediation considers the engineering as well as sustainability factors associated with environmental remediation implementation and incorporates strategies to maximize the net benefit of the remedy.

This includes remedial optimization tools, as well as social and economic decision-making tools which are used throughout the lifecycle of a project.